Hampshire Game

Hampshire Game

Hampshire Game started trading in the mid 1970’s. The business has made steady progress over the past four decades – it has had to invest heavily in buildings, equipment etc.to meet all EU regulations. We have a very experienced and knowledgeable team who, between them, know all aspects of game farming and game dealing.

We raise the game in incubators and hatchers – sell the chicks/poults to shoots and then buy the dead game back from the shoots. It is then processed in our processing unit which comes under the jurisdiction of the Food Standard Agency.

We attend many farmers markets in Surrey/Hampshire and Sussex. We sell all game products for example:- Oven Ready Pheasant/Partridge/Wild Duck/Rabbit/Pigeon.We also sell Venison which is prepared in different cuts all ready for the oven.

Website: www.hampshiregame.co.uk

Address: Hampshire Game, Pollards Farm, Clanville, Andover, Hants, SP11 9JE

Telephone: 01264 730294

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