Lovely Pasta

Lovely Pasta

Lovely Pasta is a small business, born in 2013, that offers many classic dishes such as Lasagna, Parmigiana, Gnocchi, and much more!

All dishes are made by Laura and she uses fresh and seasonal ingredients and transforms them into comfortable, abundant single-portions that customers can warm up in the oven and enjoy a real Italian dish!

Laura does not use any additives, preservative or colourants and her dishes can be stored for a few days in the fridge or frozen and stored for a much longer period. She also prepares Italian pestos such as Classic (Basil), Red (Sun dried Tomato), Chili, and when it’s truffle season Pesto Truffle.

Italians use pesto in many ways, in addition to the classic pesto pasta and bruschette, they use pesto with meat, eggs, fish, pizza and even soups! (In Italy we say that pesto is put anywhere except on ice cream!)

Helped by her daughter Marta, who is a professional pastry chef, she also prepares some Italian desserts like panna cotta and the famous TIRAMISU’.

You can try the Lovely Pasta dishes at various farmer’s markets, or even order directly your favorite dish to share with family or friends.

In the menu, we always offer dishes suitable for vegetarians, vegans, gluten free products.


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