Nut Knowle Farm

Nut Knowle Farm

Nut Knowle Farm was established in 1979, and now produces a comprehensive range of Vegetarian, Pasteurised Goats Milk Cheeses to suit all palates. The cheeses are lovingly made by hand in our own dairy.

Over the past decade Goats Cheese has enjoyed an upsurge in popularity because of its exceptional flavour, its health benefits, its lower fat content and its versatility. It can be served on the Cheeseboard and can be used with great success in cooking.

Pedigree British Toggenburg and British Saanen goats produce the quality delicate flavoured milk necessary to make our famous cheeses. The goats are fed a natural diet of cereals and lush meadow hay and are milked twice daily, they respond to kindness, each one is known by name and number, they enjoy a good life and give us much pleasure.


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