Petit Jardin d’Art

Petit Jardin d’Art

Petit Jardin d’Art is an independent artist offering gift ideas of visually stunning living pictures and miniature gardens using fabulous succulents as the stars of the show! 

Every piece is handmade using up-cycled materials, no two are the same.. each piece is unique! 

Beautiful architectural succulents adorn the frames of the living pictures, a unique alternative to the hanging basket! They will grow and mature happily in the vertical frame in a sunny, sheltered spot on a wall, fence or even your summerhouse or shed. Succulents are easy to look after and with love will grow, produce young plant, some flower, die down and then the process is repeated. Your own Circle of Life in a frame! 

Miniature gardens brimming with succulents would look amazing on your windowsill or patio table. From handmade rustic crates filled with hand painted terracotta pots to beautiful vintage crockery and French glass all hand finished to make the perfect gift for someone you care about. 

 I would love to extol the virtues of these wonderful little plants and am happy to take personal commissions.  It would be great to hear from you. 


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