Sussex Smokers/VJ Game

Sussex Smokers/VJ Game

A well established, family run business. All game is local and is cut, prepared and produced by our Master Butcher who is also the owners Father. Vincent Elliot, the owner, is a registered and licensed Game Dealer.

We produce Venison and Wild Boar sausages in a wide variety of flavours. Venison, Wild Boar and Rabbit Burgers. Venison and Wild Boar joints and cuts of meat and all Game Birds when in season.

We also have a Smokery where we smoke over Oak Chippings and produce the finest quality smoked meats, fish and poultry.

You can find us at local and not so local Farmers Markets in East and West Sussex, Kent, and Surrey.


Twitter: @sussexsmokers

Facebook: VJ-Game-Sussex-Smokers