In Love with Macarons

In Love with Macarons

Macarons are two chewy soft shells sandwiched together with a flavoured filling they can be made in any colour with fillings of just about any flavour, sweet or savoury, if you have any suggestions for flavours I’d love to know what they are. The following are my current flavours, I have a minimum of 8 different flavours available at any time.

In love with macarons are made from a mix of ground almond, sugar and whisked egg whites, depending on the flavour the filling will be either a butter cream, caramel or chocolate ganache. All my standard flavours contain some dairy all are gluten free.

I use only natural flavours and where possible natural colours

At home keep macarons refrigerated do not freeze and serve at room temperature, they will keep for 6 days from dispatch.

In Love with Macarons has a 5 star Elmbridge Borough Council food hygiene rating, I also have two food hygiene qualifications from NCASS.

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