RoniB’s Kitchen

RoniB’s Kitchen

RoniB’s Kitchen is a small producer of gourmet Philippine flavoured sauces, chilli products and preserves made with the finest all-natural ingredients.  All products are made in small batches using family recipes and the best quality ingredients to give a unique and delicious home-made taste that reflects the many flavours of the Philippines. 

The sauces and chilli products are packed with flavour making it easy to use in cooking and livening up your favourite dishes. The chilli products are so versatile that you can add them in dishes from any cuisine.

The jams and marmalade are unique flavours made with fruits from the islands, which you will not find in any high street store. The Kalamansi (Philippine lime) marmalade is splashed with Don Papa Rum, a premium Philippine rum and perfect on toast or filled doughnuts. The Guava and Papaya Soft Set Jam are refreshingly packed with tropical flavours that will transport you to the islands. While the Tamarind jam made with Tarsier Gin (Southeast Asian gin) is perfect with strong cheeses or tossed in Asian pulled meat dishes.

They are free from artificial preservatives, flavourings or colourings and because they are made from plant-based ingredients, they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


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