Olivier’s Bakery

Olivier’s Bakery

The early Years….
Olivier’ s Bakery is a journey that has had many twists and turns. Born into a true Breton Family, Olivier was raised on a noble diet of buttery Croissants and Crusty baguettes before he could speak.

A Long Trip…..
The young Olivier was a passionate soul, with a taste for the finer things in life, After following an early career as an apprentice Patissier-(in the good old day’s when the rolling pin was mainly used for discipline- not rolling pastry)-Olivier then packed his bags and decided to embark on a London life.

London Life……
Olivier started his London career working for the renowned Patissier ‘Didier’, he then moved to the Conran Group and worked at the newly refurbished ‘Bluebird ‘in Chelsea. In 2001 Olivier started work at Flour Power City (which had recently opened) Olivier worked up through the ranks of this young and ever expanding business and ended up as on of its core people.

Olivier’ s Bakery….
Opened in Autumn 2011 and was an immediate success, with Markets across London including the Famous Borough Market- A Hallmark of quality- Olivier’ s also has a select hand full of wholesale customers.

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