Batts Hill Gin

Batts Hill Gin

Batts Hill is a small batch, hand crafted, Surrey Dry Gin made with only the finest ingredients.

Distilled from sugar beets, finished with macadamia, and created from a unique blend of citrus and spice, Batts Hill is delicious. So smooth, you can enjoy it neat and so versatile, you can combine it with your favourite mix for a truly special gin experience.

Key botanicals: juniper, coriander, lemon and orange zest, cardamom, bay, macadamia, and black pepper.

Serve as a 50ml measure over ice with your favourite Fever Tree tonic and a slice of orange for a simple garnish or a slice of lemon to make it even more refreshing.


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RoniB’s Kitchen

RoniB’s Kitchen

RoniB’s Kitchen is a small producer of gourmet Philippine flavoured sauces, chilli products and preserves made with the finest all-natural ingredients.  All products are made in small batches using family recipes and the best quality ingredients to give a unique and delicious home-made taste that reflects the many flavours of the Philippines. 

The sauces and chilli products are packed with flavour making it easy to use in cooking and livening up your favourite dishes. The chilli products are so versatile that you can add them in dishes from any cuisine.

The jams and marmalade are unique flavours made with fruits from the islands, which you will not find in any high street store. The Kalamansi (Philippine lime) marmalade is splashed with Don Papa Rum, a premium Philippine rum and perfect on toast or filled doughnuts. The Guava and Papaya Soft Set Jam are refreshingly packed with tropical flavours that will transport you to the islands. While the Tamarind jam made with Tarsier Gin (Southeast Asian gin) is perfect with strong cheeses or tossed in Asian pulled meat dishes.

They are free from artificial preservatives, flavourings or colourings and because they are made from plant-based ingredients, they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


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The French Comté

The French Comté

Finest cheeses and charcuterie from Franche-Comté.

Florent and Fabien, both from the French Jura Mountains, handpicked the very best with a passion for food, wine and the artisan traditions of their region. They come from a long line of farmers, butchers and craftsmen who have been producing their foods and running market stalls for generations.

Since 2011, they bring the flavours of their mountains to the UK. From the famous Comté cheese, available in 4 different ages, to the well kept secret delicacies as the Val de Loue or the Cancoillotte, or their surprising range of saucisson (Pistachios, Walnuts, Comté or even Olives and tomatoes!), they aim to give you what is simply the MOST important thing: “the perfect quality you deserve.”

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Emilia has been based at the famous London Borough Market for over 6 years! Their shop – Bianca e Mora specialises in food from Northern Italy, in particular the region of Emilia Romagna, the heart of gastronomic Italy.

Their range can broadly be split into three types; cheese, charcuterie and balsamic vinegar. Emilia’s speciality is Parmesan, and it not only stocks multiple ages, but also the hyper rare brown and red cow varieties. The charcuterie comes from the very smallest producers, with a particular emphasis on Slow Food Ark of Taste and Slow Food Presidia.

In short it is a shop run by people who believe that food should be available for all, a shop that is run to the values of Slow Food – good, clean and fair. It is therefore no surprise that Bianca e Mora have won best cheese, best deli/grocer and best individual product (red cow Parmesan) at the Slow Food Awards for the last three years..



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Mr Emment’s Emporium

Mr Emment’s Emporium

Providing fresh fruits and vegetables, hand selected for taste.

Expert advice

We’re proud to say our Mr Emment is a 4th generation master Greengrocer, so we KNOW quite a bit about fruit and veg, you just need to ask!

Picked for taste

We buy based on taste at the wholesale market at 4.30am every morning, so by 5.30am we have had our 15 a day! We even let you taste before you buy (unless it’s veg) or covered in mud! We like unusual fruits and veggies as well as locally sourced veggies.

Great service

One thing you’ll spot right away is our great customer service. We’ve a traditional view YOU as a customer, we LIKE to SERVE you, a personal service that supermarkets don’t provide.. If you want a very knowledgable personable greengrocers Mr Emment’s Emporium is what you need.

Pop a long to our fine fruit and vegetable stall in Camberley. We take cards as well as old school cash. New coins please!

We also provide a great fruit and vegetable box delivery service with FREE local delivery.

That’s enough, come and say hi……Mr E x


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Anila’s Authentic Sauces

Anila’s Authentic Sauces

Celebrating 25 years, Anila’s is a family-owned and operated business producing the finest all natural gourmet food products.  Eight varieties of superb curry sauces are uniquely made with dedication and love using the finest ingredients in small batches to give an authentic home-made taste, without preservatives or additives.  From mild to spicy hot, the sauces are concentrated making it easy to use to create tasty curries in minutes without any effort.

They are free from sugar, dairy, gluten, onion and garlic, making them also suitable for those with food allergies, intolerances and other dietary requirements including the Paleo and Fodmap diets. The range also includes a superb range of pickles and chutneys made with single fruits and vegetables to capture the freshness that each one has to offer giving a pure taste from sweet and fruity to hot and tangy. Great with snacks, cheeses, poppadums and curries!


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Petit Jardin d’Art

Petit Jardin d’Art

Petit Jardin d’Art is an independent artist offering gift ideas of visually stunning living pictures and miniature gardens using fabulous succulents as the stars of the show! 

Every piece is handmade using up-cycled materials, no two are the same.. each piece is unique! 

Beautiful architectural succulents adorn the frames of the living pictures, a unique alternative to the hanging basket! They will grow and mature happily in the vertical frame in a sunny, sheltered spot on a wall, fence or even your summerhouse or shed. Succulents are easy to look after and with love will grow, produce young plant, some flower, die down and then the process is repeated. Your own Circle of Life in a frame! 

Miniature gardens brimming with succulents would look amazing on your windowsill or patio table. From handmade rustic crates filled with hand painted terracotta pots to beautiful vintage crockery and French glass all hand finished to make the perfect gift for someone you care about. 

 I would love to extol the virtues of these wonderful little plants and am happy to take personal commissions.  It would be great to hear from you. 


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The Fudge Bar

The Fudge Bar

Our fudge cart was lovingly designed and hand built by ourselves to attend farmers market and farm shops in and around Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. Find us at Walton, Camberley, and Cobham every month where you will find our delicious handmade fudge, cut n serve fudge, together with hand decorated gift bars and bags for all occasions.

Maple Walnut Fudge Turkish Delight FudgeSalted Caramel Fudge

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